Portugal immigration program

Portugal: Immigration for investment purposes

Since 2012, the Golden visa program of Portugal enables foreigners to obtain a residence permit in Portugal through an investment in real estate in the country. We offer a diverse range of immigration programs tailored to your needs, ensuring a smooth and rewarding journey to establish your residency in this captivating country. Therefore, if you want to move to Portugal and invest in real estate, this immigration program will suit you. 

Portugal immigration program

Portugal: Immigration for financially independent individual (D7 visa)

The D7 visa, also known as a passive income visa, is an immigration program that grants residence rights to foreigners. It appeals especially to foreign retirees, financially independent person, nomad and self-employed people who perceive a regular monthly income. At Inimex Portugal and VIP Serveis Portugal, you will be able to choose between different immigration programs in Portugal that is suited to your particular situation. The country has attracted newcomers in recent years because of its pleasant climate, unique culture, advanced economy and high lifestyle. It also ranks high in moral freedom, peace, democracy and prosperity.