Individuals who wish to relocate to Portugal have some very attractive options in order to qualify for a Residence Permit; for example, those who transfer capital, create jobs or acquire real estate.

This entitles the individual to a Golden Residence Permit due to the investment activity as well as have to opportunity to bring their family along. This can also lead to a permanent residence permit which in turn can become a Portuguese citizenship. It is important to note that families can also join such individuals under the programs described below (family unification).


Also called the ‘Golden Residence Permit Programme’, permits foreign individuals to acquire permanent residence by acquiring real estate valued at or above €500,000.

Evidence of the purchase must be provided as well as the public deed. A recent certificate issued by the Real Estate registry is also needed.


To qualify for this program, an individual must basically comply with one of the following – and accordingly, swear under oath:

1. Capital transfer with a value equal to or above €1 million, Or
2. Creation of at least 10 job positions.

Provide evidence of having invested the minimum amount required, including stocks or shares of companies; this must be from a Portuguese financial institution. A recent certificate issued by the Commercial register must be secured as well.

Please note that there is minimum stay of seven (7) days, whether consecutive or not, for the first year and fourteen (14) days for the following two (2) years in order to maintain status.

An individual currently established in Portugal as an owner of real estate property or investor may apply to the Minister of Justice for Portuguese nationality as long as he, among other details:

1. Has reached majority (legal age according to Portuguese legislation),
2. Has been residing lawfully in Portuguese territory for a minimum of six (6) years,
3. Has proven sufficient knowledge of the language,
4. Has no criminal convictions in Portugal.


1. Residence permit in Portugal for property ownersinvestors.
2. Residence permit in Portugal for financially independent applicants.
3. Renewal of residence permits in Portugal.
4. Application for Portuguese permanent residency.
5. Application for Portuguese Citizenship.

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